Acrylic Dentures
Dentures are the most suitable option for patients that are not candidates for fixed restorative or implant-based alternatives.  Acrylic dentures are functional, long lasting and deliver aesthetically pleasing results.
Flexible Dentures
Our Valplast flexible partial dentures can serve as an interim option prior to implant placement or as an affordable alternative to fixed restorations. The flexibility and lack of attachments results in even stress distribution in the mouth. There are some design limitations with flexible partials and as they are not suitable in all clinical situations we recommend speaking with our technicians to discuss individual cases.
Castings are made from cobalt chrome and provide superior retention, durability and comfort compared with acrylic only dentures. We are able to design the framework or alternatively you can design it yourself on the order form or model. Special attachments can also be incorporated into the metal frame or cured within the acrylic.
Occlusal Splints

There are numerous design options available, including those which can incorporate hard/soft layers for customised retention and allow for a precise fit. A splint can be worn day or night to open the bite and protect the dentition in either the upper or lower arches.

Orthodontic Appliances
We create custom-made orthodontic appliances to realign teeth or hold teeth in position post treatment. Please contact us for any special requests or if a consultation is required.
Sports Mouthguards

Using materials from leading manufacturer Erkodent® our sports mouthguards fit precisely and ensure a comfortable fit, thus allowing patients to speak and breathe easily when wearing them. Simply fill out the lab sheet requesting the thickness, colour and design depending on the type/level of activity it is required for.

Whitening Trays

Custom fitted plastic trays giving your patients the convenient option of a take-home tooth whitening experience.

Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are a more cosmetic and aesthetic alternative to braces. These clear retainers allow your patients to straighten their teeth and are very popular for patients desiring a removeable and discrete teeth straightening option.

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